Tuesday, 4 October 2011

++A day to start...++

As I prepare this Blog as half experiment and half motivation I can't help but think of 'why' I'm embarking on this long, training journey?!
I blame Mark...and Dean...and Amanda...and numerous other inspiring runners whom have shared amazing stories of pain, suffering and ultimately triumph.

I want to be one of those..well maybe not so much the 'pain!'

I want to be able to take part in Ultra races knowing that at least my preparation has been there. The best way for this to happen, for me, is the discipline of a 'Training Plan.'

Mine has come courtesy of a book on ultra running called..

This is an 'e-book' that I got for my newly acquired Kindle. It is very in depth and very well thought out. I like the training plan as it allows me to train 5 days a week and still potentially have my usual two rest days.
However the big difference is that with this plan, I train 'Back-to-Back' at the weekends. Running Long one day and shorter the next to still make you go out and run on tired legs...at least that's the theory. 
It's a new approach to me as I've always had a rest day following a Long Run.So, again, the originality of this for me appeals.

We shall see!

As for an ultimate 50 mile race...well who knows where or what? Nowt set up or fixed yet. I plan to do a 50k on the way and probably some marathons instead of running that distance in training.

Again...we shall see.

It's all really stepping into the unknown, but having a go.

Wish me luck..and come along for the journey...at least electronically?!

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