Monday, 10 October 2011

++The week past...++

5,8,4,9,7 and a 26 mile bike ride to get to, and back from a 10k race!
In other words more miles (33 not including the bike) in a come back week than in my first week of actual Ultra Training! Ironic? I reckon.

Was good to get running again though, especially in company on Friday night and Saturday morning. Saturday morning with the head torch is a stand out. Such a toy!

Looking forward to starting training and working out all the little foibles to fit in speedwork when its only allocated in minute blocks? Will probably split it into longer sections ie 15 mins = 3x5 with 1 recovery.
Also running both days at the weekend, although not that unusual, the idea of the longer run being on the Saturday and an almost recovery run on the Sunday will be new.

Pace is a new challenge as well. I’m reckoning on going a lot slower on the long runs on Saturday. But what pace? 1 minute slower? 2? I know its meant to be an easy pace, but 8 minute pace is easy at the start! I think I’ll be aiming for an 8:30-8:45 pace consistently. Especially whilst the legs get used to running on the Sunday as well.

Not ever wanting to be a slave to the 'great-god-Training-plan’ it’ll be a challenge in some ways as Friday (theoretical rest day) is usually a running day in company; then LSR the next day?
Also Saturdays. I can mix up the LSR with Trail runs but I’m going to have to be a little clever with the mileage. Either park further away from the park (if you get me?) or go back round for more miles at the end.

Either way…it’s a plan, and the best laid plans should be flexible…!

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