Sunday, 30 October 2011

++So that's 'Week 1' then...++

Finally managed to not only start, but finish 'Week 1' of the New Training Plan...and what a week.

Per normal didn't go to plan (see what I did there?) in more ways than one. But I learnt a long while ago not to be religiously zealous about Training Plans, but to try and be disciplined instead. If the world gets in the way of a run one day then it's not the beginning of doom as we know it. Either wipe it off with a smile and an extra Rest Day, or try to make up the miles elsewhere.

This week past was meant to be a R, 7, 5, 7, R, 12, 6. Not the heaviest of weeks but a great way back in. However back in real life it turned out to be a R (I'm good at these days!), 7, 5, R, 5.69 (more later), 12, and a 5.3.
So a 'near as dammit' week I reckon.

Highlight of the week? I travelled 176 miles up North on Friday to go visit my sister. She plays Hockey at quite a level and despite admitting to being one of the two most, ahem, 'Senior' members of the team - is still pretty fit. She likes to do a bit of running and she took me out around the country lanes near her beautiful rural home. It was truly stunning. A short lap at 2.65 miles so I ran one with her and then one on my own. Both in glorious Cumbria - I know!

Next week is much the same, but with the miles added to the LSR to take it up to 14. Hopefully this will be a double lap of the Park, in the dark, with #TNSG. I fair missed the boys, and the dogs, and the trail this week. So that will give me a focus to the training, as well as the re-start of speedwork on Thursday - gulp!

I am not a fan of the 'speedwork!'

Run well all...

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