Saturday, 7 January 2012

Caught short...gulp!

Broadway,LichfieldRd, ChesterRd, Queslett by jules_perox at Garmin Connect - Details

Well this was meant to be a 24 mile run today.

But when I was looking at the route from past excursions I mis-read the map and headed for home once I reached the Queslett instead of the longer dog leg down to Perry Barr via New Oscott etc.
But hey ho; ne'er mind ay?!

Had the Camelbak on and it was a Godsend. Wonderful piece of kit. Drank when I wanted knowing full well that I wouldn't be running out of liquid.
Ate Aldi jelly babies to me hearts content and they really helped a whole lot more than Jelly Belly beans.
I also had a SiS Tropical gel for the first time and that was okay. Taken at around 18 miles I felt the benefit of that more than the jelly babies, or at least for longer.

Av pace is nowt to write home about but the feeling on finishing is. Felt good, strong and able to move easier than previous runs on the same distance.

The pace is obviously agreeing with me!

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