Monday, 2 January 2012

++Week 10...surprised, Again!++

It's not even worth discussing what SHOULD have happened in this weeks training schedule! New Years and week between Xmas and NYE just got in the way!
But as often said, not to worry. As a wise man once proclaimed - 'It's only running.'

But what did ACTUALLY happen this week was a complete surprise; once the maths kicked in...

Monday - Rest Day
Tuesday -  22 miles with the sapping Valley End to the run. Good long run with the discipline of not an easy 3 miles tagged to the end. Fuelled by Jelly Belly Beans; of which there are a 'few' in the house. Seemed to work and boost as I needed it. Ran with the new Camelbak...
It is truly wonderful! And a bit of a revelation. Quality is worth the price. Doesn't move, rub or hinder me in any way. The side pockets are a boon - you can get in and out without taking it off. The tap valve is great and doesn't drip. All good.
Wednesday - was aiming for a shake down run, but didn't happen.
Thursday - Ran 3.5 with the Boss (very enjoyable and felt good) then went on to do 8 on my own). Bit of a rough night, but enjoyed running in the dark again!
Friday - Family Outing! Walked 9.5 miles in pee-ing down rain! But was good if a little stressful with the Small Monstrosity diving around everywhere and winding up the Biggun! We got the walk from the National Trust web site. Brilliant resource and free (I think!?) Click here...
Saturday - Felt rougher than I expected from the walk the day before but still ran 17.5. Used the discipline of multiple laps for this one. Ran 2x 8 and a bit then a loop to take it over 17. Again no speed records but managed the loop at the end without too much of a talking to myself!
Sunday- I think not!Slightly ever so hung over with a 3:30am bedtime and playing piano and guitar all night while people sang songs at me that I'd never heard! But a good night at any rate

So the 'complete surprise?' Well after such a disrupted week of training I still managed to accumulate 60+ miles! This is actually 2 more miles than i would have achieved had I ran a perfect training plan week.
And yes I do include the walk! Four hours on your feet is still a marathon time of training when all's said and done. Plus it really seemed to affect different muscle groups (duh!) as it was a slow, family paced walk; nowt wrong with that.
As for the longer runs together, I was a little concerned as to the effects on the legs and ageing bod..but so far things seem okay.

This forthcoming week has a lot of miles in it, especially during the week. @Madlot and me had a chat about this once. Whether there is a finite amount of miles that 'one' can fit into any given week around work, family etc. I think that rather worryingly, soon I may hit that.
And I think this is always going to hinder progress towards 'Longevity' in running.
I'm not the most natural of runners. I need miles and training discipline to get the best rewards. I don't think I have a huge amount of mental strength or natural drive. I've nothing like that to fall back on;I admire people who can and do that. I'm sure I have some friends that do, do this time and again.

I just hope I can continue to fit it all in, and improve.

Here's hoping for more steps along the 'Road to Longevity' in 2012...

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