Saturday, 31 December 2011

Lap-tastic Broadness...

2xBroadway by jules_perox at Garmin Connect - Details

So after the trek with the family yesterday the legs were not feeling fresh-but this is what its all about, isn't it? Running on tired legs.

Thought I'd practise the discipline of laps again so did 2x Broadway as that would nigh on bring me back on track to the weekly milage...ish!
I'm meant to get a run in tomorrow!
Yeah, can see that happening!

The rain did come down a little but was drizzly and soon passed. Felt warm enough to drop the hat.
Took the Camelbak and still as pleased and comfortable with it as first time out.

The laps felt okay, very stately steady once or twice but not bored with music today. No radio as it was boring!

Good discipline at the end to add the extra loop on to take me over 17 miles; pleased with that.

Now for NYE madness!

Happy New Year all!

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