Tuesday, 27 December 2011

++Week 9..some of the time..++

Well as the man in the funny hat says...'It's Christmaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssss!'
Which put paid to a lot of running plans...but not all of them!

The week was a heavy milage week;
R,10, 6, 8,R, 20, 10
What actually happened was;
Monday - Rest day  (getting good at these!)
Tuesday - 9.8...Broadway ext+ This means the usual addition around Bescot and then a further addition of 'round the block' as autistically MrGarmin refused to go over the 10 mile mark! But he did, once I'd, well, you know..!
Wednesday - 7 miles through The Valley. Wanted to go play in the dark with the head torch as the #TNSG runs have been missing lately as we're all busy, er, ahem!
Thursday - Speedwork! I'm getting good at this. Decided that I fancied some RH laps. So knew I had to make up 8 miles and did it as speedwork. 2 lap warm, then 1 fast lap, 1 recovery lap (generous, me!) x4 then excess to make up the milage. I did 11 laps of the .75 route! And strangely LOVED it!
Friday - Rest day..as I was going out on the night..and what a night! Perhaps the 6 mile walk home at just gone mid-night counted as a LSR? No? Thought not...well, how about the 're-hydration' with the beer at the pub? No? Well i don't care, it was a BRILLIANT night! But quite obviously this meant that..
Saturday - ..I was in not much of a fit state! So i didn't. Let's call it a 'Rest' day shall we? Oh good!
Sunday - Christmas Day. I like to get up and run on Xmas day as it is. But then @MrNimby organised a Santa/ Christmas Day Twitter thingy. So fitted two reasons. Anyroad I was up and off with the santa hat on. The beard didn't last! Got back and had to wake everyone up!

So again, not getting worried about seasonal disruptions (sounds like British Rail!) but getting the runs in when I can.
Loved the Santa run, lots of fun and feeling good for getting out on Xmas Day again. Speedwork was another highlight. More the attitude than the results, I actually enjoyed it..I think!

So onwards and upwards with the 22nd now in sight I reckon...

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