Monday, 19 December 2011

++Week 7 and 8...catch up to date...++

So I'm a bit behind with the weekly summaries and thoughts. So let's do two in one, shall we?
We shall!
It's my blog!

In a nutshell training wise. Week 7 was R, 10, 6, 8, R, 20, 8

Well this week went all to hell! But it also had a lot going for it...
Monday- Rest
Tuesday-  10 well this is just My fave Broadway route extended, so all good.
Wednesday - 6 recovery fine
Thursday - Not happening! Didn't run. But no worries as...
Friday - ...I was running with Rich...except I wasn't! All changed up and no where to go. He couldn't make it. So i came home and ran with the Boss instead at her pace for 3.5 miles. Then ate a load of pizza!
Saturday- Was a double lap trail run with @madlot1. He ran well and did a lap and a bit. Enjoyed it, although it was cold and the laces froze on the Roclites!
Sunday - Race Day! Bedford Half Marathon as reported below.

I regret missing the 20 miler, but to do that and then race Sunday would have been a little 'excessive' to quote another (!) Instead i split the w/e milage as suggested by @JWUltra which in all honesty I'd already thought to do.

So onto Week 8...multiple of 4..must be a resting week - HOORAY! perhaps...

It read as R, 8, 5, 7, R, 14, 6 and amazingly that is EXACTLY what I did as catalogued below!

Highlight of the week being a self-righteous return to speedwork, but in a more creative way- 'Lamp Post Speedwork.' Was good, fast, shorter than minutes and I enjoyed it for a change. I also felt that i achieved more on it. So all good.

However this week coming off the race pace run on Sunday felt very different to the last 'Resting' week. Not as relaxed and not as 'resting' really. I still felt good running, but just a little flat doing it. May be all in me 'ead reckon?!

Week 9 is another build up week and also Christmas week. So keeping with the relaxed training theme I'm going to take it as it comes and run what, and when, I can; but keeping as close to the milage as possible.
I know that Christmas Day will hopefully be a short dressed up run, but as for the long run actually dictated...I think not.

And all of a sudden...Gloucester seems very close!


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