Thursday, 15 December 2011

Lamp Post Speedwork...

MrGarmin Details for Lamp Post Speedwork

So I awoke, I mean REALLY not feeling the spdwrk/speedwork session planned for today.
Felt lethargic, ankles sore, tired in body mind and spirit. 'Silly season' is really doing me over at the moment.

So thought, well it's a resting week, just do the run. Then all thoughts of guilt and 'Soft' milage came in me head.
The Running Gods would be upset...

So I did something different - 'Lamp Post Speedwork'

I know there's lots of variations on this session but here's mine.
Run 8 lamp posts HARD! Run 4 lamp posts easy...repeat time EIGHT!
But there are rules!
Only lamp posts that are on your running side of the road count.
You must count off, out loud, the run Hard lamp posts.
You can use your fingers to count off in puffing silence the easy lamp posts!

Now if you run on main roads this isn't too bad a session as the frequency of the new, white lamps is good. But if you're on a side road where the frequency of the older yellow lamps alternates with the other side of the road, it gets interesting!

I enjoyed doing this and did 8 repeats, I was only going to do 4.

I think this sort of session is what I need rather than more traditional intervals relying on time.

Fell all self-righteous for getting me speedwork in now!

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  1. Blimey you dont shut up on here do you! Sounds like a good run ;)