Saturday, 3 December 2011

Haribo Hobbling...

Perry Barr,College,SuttonRd,Broadway by jules_perox at Garmin Connect - Details

So this is exactly the same route as last week. Haven't had chance to compare it yet but it felt better.
Considering I ran last night as well, thats not a bad thing.

Tried out the Haribo instead of the gels today and they seemed to do the trick. May investigate further on that front. Took walking breaks to eat/get sweeties and that felt good.

Weather was mild and not really needing the double long sleeve tops, maybe t-shirt under would have been better, but weren't uncomfortably hot. Kept dry, listened to Zoe Ball on Radio then Marathon Talk podcast so well entertained.

Felt hard work at end but nowt worrying.

Filled water up in Sutton Park and avoided visits from biscuit based confectionery this week!

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