Tuesday, 20 December 2011

++@MarathonTalk RANT!...++

Like many of you I listen to the podcast from @marathontalk (http://www.marathontalk.com)

Love Martin and Tom, great interviews, hilarious Tony's trials..all good.
They have a feature on the program called Rant and Rave. I have previously submitted a 'Rave' to the show. (You can download the featured podcast with it on here... My Rave starts around 29 minutes in)

Anyroad, I've gone and done it again! You know I love to talk running and occasionally I get opinionated - I know, it doesn't happen very often. But I've e-mailed in a 'Rant!' this time.

Thought you may like a look...let me know your opinion in the comment, as long as it's in agreement with mine of course! ;o)

Earlier this month I took delivery of the monthly issue of a well-known national running magazine. I excitedly ripped the plastic covering open to reveal the ‘inspiring’ front cover –NOT!

Yet another prancing, airbrushed, trimmed to perfection, bedecked in the latest sponsored gear MODEL!

Further inspection inside didn’t even reveal his name, merely the Agency from whence the running Adonis came.

Now I know that the zipped-up-mansuit figure covered in road grime, snot and other dubious liquids at the end of a race, may not sell many covers…but at least it’s REAL! Where, pray tell, are these people? I would even go so far as to say that this is a figure that at least we, the readers can relate to. Not this mid step poised, figure of composure currently adorning the cover.

I accept that occasionally we do get ‘real’ athletes like Paula Radcliffe, Jessica Ennis (surprise there!) and their ilk on the front cover. But how about introducing our up and coming athletes? What about the recent Cross Country successes in Slovenia? I’m sure some of those athletes would love the publicity, as well as inspiring a whole next generation of young runners?

I was fortunate to go to New York a few years ago and bought the American issue of a similarly titled (!) running magazine and consequently thought it so good I took out an overseas subscription. Their covers seemed to be rarely (if ever) graced with the presence of modeled beauty. Simply using amazingly inspiring, and achieving, athletes with an equally remarkable story inside.

So come on Editors! Be brave, and slap some half collapsed, mucus ridden no hoper on your front covers for a change – I have some race photos available! I’m sure it’ll help sell your mags…perhaps!

Do you agree? Or do you like the 'beautiful' look selling magazines? Maybe I'm being incredibly naive? Wouldn't be the first time! 

Let me know...

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