Saturday, 10 December 2011

Park life...

Sutton Parkx2 by jules_perox at Garmin Connect - Details

Beautiful morning to get back into the park after an absence of too long.

Needed 15 from this to make up the weekends milage. Did a lap and a bit with @madlot1 and then set off on me own.
Enjoyed the lot!

Highlights were definitely hearing an owl hooting in the darkness, very beautiful and also the setting moon. Huge and orange with wisps of clouds over it reflected in the lake below.
Was truly amazing.

Oscar was on form and fighting fit, tearing around everywhere. We only lost him once! Matt was on equally as good form but with less 'tearing' and none of the losing!!. He ran well and enjoyed himself too I reckon.


If only tomorrow goes as well...

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