Sunday, 4 December 2011

Speedwork shakedown? Shirley not!?

Shake Down Run 3.5+5 by jules_perox at Garmin Connect - Details

So this was 3.5 with the Boss then 5 miles to make myself today as SM not with us. Boo!

The Boss has really improved and now runs the majority of the way including the first ascent of the Newton Road! Not to be sniffed at!
She's aerobically fitter now as well.
Unfortunately this means that she now talks more and listens less - no change there then!!! LOL!

After I'd left her I decided to do the discipline of RHPark laps on my own. Really enjoyed this. The route is fairly flat, but the change in surface is good and running through the park, traffic free is always nice.
Found myself really picking up the pace towards the end though! Being a little quicker felt good; but not sure its really what the 'Shake Down Run' is for!!

Turned a bit cold and damp whilst out as well, but the over jacket kept me warm...but the 'Day of THE Hat' is getting ominously closer I think!

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