Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Extensions of the extension of the extension!!!

Broadway ext+ by jules_perox at Garmin Connect - Details

Bit of a faff making this route over 10 but managed it! Mainly thanks tho the double prescence of next doors builders and my ego! Because of course they knew that I was .11 under 10 miles being completed and therefore had to circumnavigate the block! Muppet!

Had a bit lie in this morning by virtue of alarm not ACTUALLY being set. Again with the 'muppet' theme!

Was dry and mild for a change but decided on the hat and 2 layers anyhow.

Started strong but the first half of this route is easier than the second half hill wise, but looking at the stats, seemed I was in a good mood! In a nutshell that was 10 miles at 7:14 pace!!

I think the last few days have not been the most satisfying running wise. Great runs, good company on some of them, but just not really showing progress.

Today did.


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