Monday, 2 January 2012

New Shoes!!!

Sarah/Fail/Broadway ext+ (New Shoes!) by jules_perox at Garmin Connect - Details

Well we'll call that route 'interesting and diverse' shall we?

Went out with the Boss per usual for her 3.5. Took Small Monstrosity on his new BMX and he could hardly pedal a foot! Much different to geared MTB I think.
So I ended up pushing him and eventually taking him home early through the park.

Then went back out to find the Boss, but she was fine so pushed on to do the Broadway ext + course.

I needed 14 and got it with a little loop at the end.
Was a cold night so three layers as I find it hard to keep warm running at the Boss' pace. Hat and new Gore gloves were also the order of the day. 3 layers was too much towards the end but better wear than carry. Gloves came off once I was running on my own and never went back on.

Listened to radio on new Running Phone in new Running Belt.

All gadgeted up!

Oh and tonight also marked the debut of the red Adrenalines. The Yellow ones are out to pasture after a respectable 655 miles.

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