Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Dash in the Dark...

Charlemont Farm by jules_perox at Garmin Connect - Details

Easy pace run today.

Still with twingy neck/ shoulder though. Didn't really notice running but still there now.

Temperature took a plummet today to 4oC so 2 layers, winter is a-coming methinks?! Had t-shirt and long sleeve top to keep warm. Wasn't that bad but sensible reckon. Still not gloves and hat weather yet though.

Run wise fine, but did scare mesel coming over the railway section! Bleedin dark it were. I'd just turned off the lit road onto the gated pitch dark lane. Only a short section so never bother with a headtorch really. As I got onto it I thought I saw a torch light ahead, but no figure. Got to it and there was nobody there. Reckon it was the reflection of the motorway lights in a puddle!

Just got mesel to pysche up for speedwork tomorrow now.

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