Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Loop the Loop...

Dartmouth x2 by jules_perox at Garmin Connect - Details

Determined to go out today and kick yesterdays slow pace into the bushes.


Wasn't actually going to run this morning but having worked out how the week looked training wise decided it'd be good. Need to be careful that Fridays run in company doesn't over train me and that I get proper rest time.

Did the double Dartmouth instead of the Newton for a change for 5 miles. You do get lots of downhill, but you also get the tremendous uphill, twice!

The splits tell a better story than the av...but you know what they say about statistics...


  1. So sorry, I somehow missed your post on FB... Anyways, I'm here and following :)

  2. Ooooo! My first as well! Thanks Eva its could to be in contact again.
    Anything posted with my '++....++' in the title is more readable than the other stuff!
    The others are daily workout comments to be honest, so hope you don't get too bored and I'll understand if you 'unsubscribe' yerself from it to avoid the daily spammy e-mails!
    Best wishes. x

  3. Don't worry , I'm clever enough to jut subscribe on blogger :) No mail flood to worry about :P

    I'm a bit down on the running front, especially since we jumped into taekwondo, but running isn't forgotten. Who knows, it might be you who will isnpire me to get out there more often :)