Sunday, 13 November 2011

++I wanna be Week Treeee...++

So the week was shaping up to be the first of the 'heavier' weeks on the plan. More miles, more effort.

It looked like this R, 8, 5, 8, R, 16, 6.

Per usual it didn't get to BE like that!

Tuesday had me on my familiar and liked 8 mile loop, nice to get back to it, although it could have gone better...

Wednesday had me determined to get me Ass into gear a little. So I ran a hilly 2.5 mile loop twice. Much better.

Thursday was dreaded Speedwork day. Exactly the same as last week, but ran the splits better. Need to add minutes to them for week after next.

Friday was a run out with Rich after work. At least it was drier this week than last! not difficult I know! Rich has started training with local club Cobra AC on a Tuesday night. I think this may be paying off as he ran much better and more consistently over a familiar course as well.
However it was the surprise sprint to the finish that really got me! He beat me home with a great turn of speed. However I will maintain that I only lost due to the faffing about of the woman in the bus stop deciding exactly how she was going to get out of my way...or not! But lots of fun and he ran hard.

Saturday is meant to be long run day but I was busy at the Classic Car show all day...

 (That's me...wearing clothes! Not running gear! With Mr Mike Brewer from TV's 'Wheeler Dealers'. Brilliant show, brilliant man. Very patient and gracious. Second time I've met him. Smashing!) it got shifted to Sunday instead...

With a look at the weather forecast it said warm so I went out in a t-shirt - and felt GREAT! Really strong really stepping out and appreciating the training in my legs I think? The routes never easy. Long and hilly, very steep in places.
I stopped off to top up the water bottle in Sutton park as taught by @madlot1 and @ jwultra !
Took a High 5 gel at 10 miles. Mainly as it was in the house (freebie). What a load of rubbish! Tasted like water and pretty much the same consistency I reckon. Shame as their tablets for drinks (a la Nuun) were very good. Felt a little naturally tired towards the end, but considering I was aiming for 8:15 - 8:00 every time I looked at the watch it was around the 7:44 mark. All good.
Finished up starving and thirsty, had a bath (Radox time!) ate (Aldi Cookie crisp are great recovery food, I've decided!) and now typing this with the window open and the sun bouncing around I'm convincing family to get out and go for a toddle around Sutton Park...let's hope it happens!

This week is a lighter training week ahead (fourth week) and NO SPEEDWORK! Yay!
Let's go...!

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