Monday, 28 November 2011

++Week five..still alive..just!++

So Week 5 was a building week.
Milage upped and back onto the serious stuff!

It was planned as a R, 8, 6, 8, R, 18, 8

Monday was a rest day, always a good start to the week!
Tuesday was my favourite Broadway route. After not running for two days and feeling really good off the back of the rest week I flew round! I PB'd the route by some minute and a half I think. MrGarmin informed me that I'd averaged 6:60 (honest!) a mile. So that'd be 7 min miling then?! :o)
Wednesday was a gentle run in the darkdark through Charlemont Farm.
Thursday was dreaded speed work. This was longer efforts but still aiming for the same speed bracket. I missed, a lot.But I felt like I'd worked so maybe that's the point?
Friday was an actual rest day instead of a run with Rich.

Saturday was an 18 miler.
I think I set off too slow on this as the pace didn't happen. Wasn't after a fast run but wasn't expecting the 8:34av either really.
Had really bad stomach cramps around 6 miles in. Coincidentally around the entrance to Sutton Park...handy that! Cue my first ever Gingerbread Man! ('re a bad influence. Must  take tissue next time though! Autumn leaves are not exactly Andrex soft if you get me?! TMI? LOL!)
The rest of the run was okay. Had enough fluid, but would have liked peace of mind to carry more (see below!)
Also need to experiment more with different gels. Taking more and trying different ones.  At the moment I really like and get on with the Decathlon ones, but I'm wondering what the alternatives are? There must be something more readily available, and a sight cheaper, that I could try that isn't going to upset my stomach but still give me an energy boost and make me feel like I've had some sugar?
Dried Fruit? Cereal bars?
Perhaps some knowledgeable Ultra runner will pass over this and leave a comment! PLEASE!

Sunday was an 8 mile recovery/shake down run. These have been hard to fit in and motivate myself to do lately. But this week I did, in style. Reminded me what its all about this running thing, please do read it if you can. A special bit of time with some special people. Read it here...

Anyroad, Christmas is coming and Santa needs to get his Ass in gear!
I've asked for this..

 It's a Camelbak Octane XCT with a 2 litre bladder and most importantly side pockets. Not many of the back pack hydration packs have this feature. Would seem to be quite sensible, gels, STUFF! Back packs are not something I've ever really tried. I have the Nike Bottle waist carrier at moment and thats okay but not enough water for longer runs and not much storage capacity really.

I've also requested a new cheapo running phone that has a camera, mp3 storage and a radio. Nowt flash but something that I won't panic about getting wet and bashed etc as my sacred iPhone4 would not suffer the indignity of it all!
This neat little Samsung seems to fit the bill, reckon

I've also been a bit partial to this daft t-shirt...

Quite fitting that in more ways than one!

So what's on your Xmas running wish list then?

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